Best Web Hosting in 2021

We compare Sweden’s different web hosts for real – unlike others we do not use affiliate programs so that your website will be happy

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Best Web Hosting in 2021

Are you looking for a Swedish web host for your site?

To find the best web hosting can take a lot of time and money.

There are many different alternatives, from the cheap 9 SEK all the way up to 167 SEK per month.

But how do you know what choice is the best for your company?

In this comparison, we have compared various popular Swedish based web hosts, and listed the 5 best options.

  • We sign up and purchace web hosting from the company we list.
  • We create a demo WordPress page.
  • We monitor the website performance, including but not limited to pagespeed and uptime for a long time.
  • We take a closer look at their features, limitations, pricing and customer support.
  • We publish and update the review regularly.

The 5 best Swedish web hosts 2021

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to find the Swedish best web host is its uptime and speed.

The faster the better. To have a fast website becomes ever more essential.

Below is a list of the 5 best web hosts that we have tested with good pagespeed, uptime and customer service.

1. HostUp – The best if you want something fast, affordable and stable

+ Uptime (100%)
+ Pagespeed (181 ms)
+ Servers in Sweden
+ Live Chat Support
+ Lots of ram
+ Cheap

Read our review here (in Swedish).

HostUp is like the unicorn of web hosting. Their prices for the first year are SEK 19/month, and for the second year SEK 39/month. They offer an amazing amount of resources, 3 GB of RAM, an unlimited number of websites, website builders and LiteSpeed web server.

They make use of Cpanel as most other web hosts.

The company itself is very new. They have been on the market for over 3 years under their English website, but it was not until 2020 that it was registered under Hostup AB. They have headquarters and servers in Sweden.

HostUp is the most affordable and definitely the fastest provider we have tested so far. Their prices are also very good – even cheaper than Miss hosting for the second year.

All their services have 45 days money back guarentee.

HostUp uptime history

2. Oderland – The best choice if you want something fast

+ Uptime (100%)
+ Pagespeed (200 ms)
+ Servers in Sweden
+ Live Chat Support
+ Lots of ram

Read our review here (in Swedish).

Oderland is a more premium alternative to most others. Their services include plenty of resources like RAM and the web server is lightning fast. Just like HostUp, they offer 3 GB of RAM, an unlimited number of websites, website builders and LiteSpeed web server.

However, there is a limit of 2000 GB broadband/month, but it is more than enough for almost any site – as long as you aren’t going to be the next YouTube.

Oderland also uses Cpanel as a control panel like most others, which is very good if you already feel comfortable with it.

The company itself is quite old and was founded 1998. They have headquarters and servers in Sweden

We have ranked them in second place because their uptime and speed are among the best – 100% and 200ms respectively.

Their entry respective renewal prices are SEK 167/month. It’s quite unique for the renewal price to be the same.

All their services have 45 days money back guarentee.

Oderland uptime history

3. Miss hosting – Det bästa valet om du vill ha något billigt

Miss hosting
+ Uptime (99.93%)
+ Pagespeed (470 ms)
+ Servers in Sweden
+ Live Chat Support
Lots of limitations
Higher renewal price

Read our review here (in Swedish).

Miss hosting is a more budget alternative. Their plans include only 512MB of RAM and the web server speed (pagespeed) is ok. Miss hosting is the cheapest option we have tested so far! At least for the first year. For control panel, Cpanel is offered.

The company itself was founded in 2014. They have headquarters and servers in Sweden.

We have ranked Miss hosting in third place because their prices are unbeatable. The speed of 470ms may not be the best but for the price it is good.

Their entry prices are only 9 SEK/month, but the renewal price is significantly higher and is 49 SEK/month.

All their services have 45 days money back guarentee.

Miss hosting uptime history

4. Egensajt – Fast and affordable

+ Uptime (99.53%)
+ Pagespeed (276 ms)
+ Servers in Sweden
+ Live Chat Support
+ Same renewal price
Low amount of resources like RAM

Read our review here (in Swedish).

Egensajt is one of the few companies on the market that offers the same price as the first year for recurring invoices.

They also have a self-built control panel. This can be both good and bad. If you already feel comfortable with Cpanel, it may take some time for you to learn it, but on the other hand, their support are experts and know exactly how everything works.

The company itself was founded in 2007.

Their entry prices are only 39 SEK/month.

All their services have 45 days money back guarentee.

Egensajts uptime history

5. Loopia – The best choice if you want something stable

+ Uptime (99.99%)
+ Pagespeed (700 ms)
+ Servers in Sweden
+ Live Chat Support
Lots of limitations
Very expensive

Read our review here (in Swedish).

With Loopia you can’t go wrong. Loopia is the alternative that has been around for the longest time on the market. It is also the web host that is most popular in Sweden.

Just like Egensajt, Loopia has its own control panel. Unfortunately, I found it a little difficult to navigate and had to ask their support several times if they could help me.

The company itself was founded in 1999. They have headquarters and servers in Sweden.

Their entry prices are 39 SEK/month, but the renewal price is slightly higher and is 89 SEK/month.

All their services have 45 days money back guarentee.

Loopias uptime history

Other things to pay attention to when choosing a web host

It’s not just how fast the web host is and their uptime that matters. Here are some other important points:

  1. Renewal price is often higher
  2. Storage and RAM
  3. Web server technology

1. Renewal price is usually higher

The price you pay for the second year is usually much higher than the bait price you paid the first year.

If we take the renewal price at miss hosting as an example, it goes from the cheap 9SEK per month to a whole 49SEK per month after the first year. This is more than five times of what was initially paid!

  1. With Loopia the price increases from 39 SEK/month to 89 SEK/month
  2. With HostUp the price increases from 19 SEK/month to 39 SEK/month
  3. With Miss hosting the price increases from 9 SEK/month to 49 SEK/month

Not everyone has higher renewal rates. If we take Oderland as an example, they offer the same price as the first year, but their entry prices are still much higher than the competition.

2. Storage and RAM

Another thing that is important to take into account are the restrictions that the various web hosts place on storage and memory, as well as the number of websites they allow.

  • Miss hosting only allow one site on their basic plan, but have over 100GB storage.
  • Oderland has 20GB storage, but has no limit on the amount of sites.
  • HostUp only has 10GB storage, but they also have no limits on the amount of sites

But how much resources do you actually need? It can be difficult to visualize how much 10 GB of storage will last. This is especially true if you are new to the world of websites.

Most new computer games that are released require several 100 GB, and it may be easy to think that the same goes for websites, but this is not true. A standard WordPress website usually does not use more than 1 GB of storage space. This website actually only use about 500 MB.

More storage space than you are expected to use is not necessarily better. The only difference between 10GB and 100GB is the capacity.

We recommend that when you try to find the best web host in Sweden, you should make sure that they offer fast storage like SSD instead of choosing a web host with old technology like regular hard drives. Hard drives offer much higher capacity that you will not use anyway.

Is it enough to have the capacity to upload 10 WordPress web pages, or do you want to sacrifice a bit of the speed to be able to upload 100 WordPress web pages? Then again, Miss hosting has put a restriction on one single website on their Basic package. It is more or less a sales ploy as it is basically impossible to use so much storage with only one page.

It is also good to check that they offer free SSL certificates and automatic backups. Everyone we have listed offers free SSL certificates, but only Oderland and HostUp seem to offer daily backups.

3. Web server technology

Which web server your website uses can actually make quite a difference, especially if you have a popular website. The three most common options are Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed.

If you are trying to find the best web host in Sweden, it is probably also a good idea to make sure that your website uses the best web server, namely LiteSpeed. This is because it can handle significantly more visitors and is the fastest of the three options.

Litespeed is the best alternative

We have made a list of which web server the different web hosts use:

  • Apache: Loopia
  • Nginx: Miss hosting och Egensajt
  • LiteSpeed: HostUp och Oderland

his website actually uses the LiteSpeed web server and their extension LSCache. If you want more tips, you can read our guide on more things you should think about when looking for a web host.

What is a web host (webbhotell)?

A web hosting is a company that offers different kind of hosting services for a website. In sweden we call web hosting webbhotell. You could actually host your own website directly from your own computer. But just as you book a hotel when you travel somewhere, the best option is to do the same for your website!

Just like in a hotel, the web host takes care of everything for you and is responsible for ensuring that your website is up and available.

Web Hosting Advantages:

  • Easier to manage – You get access to a control panel, usually Cpanel. Cpanel includes everything you can think of. Install WordPress at the touch of a button, create FTP accounts, or edit files in the online editor.
  • Website Builder – Many web hosts like HostUp and Miss hosting include a website builder. With this you can easily choose from hundreds of different themes and easily build your own website.
  • All software is included – All software is included in the price. If you were to get a VPS, you would have to buy everything and it could cost a lot. Cpanel is around 150SEK, LiteSpeed from free – 800SEK per month.
  • Cheap – It is usually much cheaper than VPS.

Web Hosting Disadvantages:

  • Cheap on resources – You only get access to very limited resources such as RAM, cpu and storage space. There are providers that offer more memory than others but with a VPS you can access 128 GB of RAM and over 2000 GB of storage.
  • Limited environment – Unfortunately, you can not run all the programs you want. For example, you can not run a Minecraft server or other programs that cpanel does not allow.

Which is the best web host in Sweden?

The best web host right now is HostUp. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that they give the most bang for the buck. They include website builders, LiteSpeed with caching for WordPress and they happen to be the fastest web host we have tested. They also have a full 45 days money back guarentee and offer free SSL certificates as well as automatic backups daily.

Which Swedish web host is best for WordPress?

We recommend using providers that include both 1-click installation and LSCache which is the best for WordPress. Those that include this are HostUp and Oderland.

Which Swedish web host is the fastest?

According to our monitoring service, HostUp is the fastest web host with 181 ms load time. In second place is Oderland with 200 ms charging time

Summary & Comparison

It is not uncommon to take the first best you find. Unfortunately, it is usually not the best. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a web host.

It is not always so much fun to change web hosting for that matter either, it takes a lot of time and do not forget that time is money! This is also one of the reasons why many of these hosting companies have a much higher renewal price, they hope that you will not be able to change.

You will most likely stay with the web host you choose so it is important that you choose the best Swedish web host right from the start! Take an extra look at the options that you thought sounded good, and let it take time!

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